Ramadan Yegma3na's adventures are back


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Keep jumping and try to reach new heights in the app FANEES 2, a fun collection of three mini-games. The main difference between the three mini-games is where you're jumping.

The control system of FANANEES 2 is simple: tap of the screen to make your character jump. And that's it. But you will have to carefully calculate your character's jump to make sure they land on the next platform, because if anything makes you fall, your game is over.

At first, you can choose from four characters and three different game modes, but you can unlock more characters as you keep playing and get higher scores. In total, there's eight different characters to play with.

With a decent graphics, a very catchy soundtrack, and an entertaining game experience, FANAEES 2 is a very fun platform game.

Android 4.1 or higher required

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